Michael Ignacio Jr.

Voice Actor, Producer, Casting Director, Storyteller

A Pacific Islander Voice Actor with a
warm, friendly, energetic tenor voice.

Contact Me: [email protected]

Animation Character Demo

Commercial Demo

Corporate Narration Demo

Raw Home Sample

Additional Audio File Samples

Explainer Video Sample #1 - Super Villain Explainer Video

Explainer Video Sample #2- Story Weaver Explainer Video

About Me!

Michael Ignacio Jr is a Pacific Islander Voice Actor, Script Writer, and Storyteller. He loved being a storyteller so much that he created his own production company, Mysticborn Productions LLC, in 2018. Through his platform of Mysticborn Productions, Michael has created, casted, produced, and executed 13 audio drama projects, most with full voice over casts, music, and sfx. He began moving toward growing his own Voice Acting career in 2020.When not voice acting or writing, Michael savors his life through good conversations, basking in the sun at the park, reading fantasy novels, video games, and taking care of his two beloved cats, Lucy (named after a Dracula character) and Peppa Jack (Peppa Jacqueline when she is in trouble).Some of Michael’s Largest personal and professional goals include living a life well lived, pursuing his passions and goals, and creating more opportunities for and representing Pacific Islanders in Voice Acting, and in the Entertainment Industry.

Special SkillsFamiliarity with: Finance, Public Administration background, Higher Education, Government terminology

Studio Specifications

  • Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic

  • Scarlet 2i Audio Interface

  • Sound Treated 4.5 foot X 4.5 foot Recording Booth

  • Reaper DAW

  • Dual Monitors

  • Can connect via Source Connect, Zoom, Discord, Phone, and Email


  • Voyage of the Great Navigators

  • Legends of the Aoela

  • Ughgh... Magical Boys: Seasons 1&2

  • Dungeons Inc.

  • Wrath of the Forgotten

  • The Death Goddess

  • Lilies & Lilacs

  • Never Surrender

  • The Cabal of Tsakata

  • Arceados Academy

  • Mystic Tales: Seasons 1&2


"Michael was an excellent fit for our project. His professionalism, communication and quick turn around were truly appreciated. We enjoyed working with Michael and would recommend him to others."World Wide Technology 2022

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